Ecrin Link Up - Glacier Noir

Report by Lindsay Griffin for the BMC :

The Glacier Noir at night fall., 87 kb
The Glacier Noir at night fall.
© beardy mike
On consecutive days French alpinists Yann Borgnet and Robin Revest linked three great north faces above the Glacier Noir in the Ecrins, the theme being to celebrate the achievements of one of the massif's most famous partnerships.

The Glacier Noir has a wild ambience: there are no huts, few people, no mobile phone reception, the routes are hard and committing, and the descents long and far from straightforward.

The south side of the glacier is dominated by the great north faces of the Pelvoux, Pic Sans Nom and Ailefroide. On each of these, legendary Ecrins activists Jean-Michel Cambon and Bernard Francou established direct routes.

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