One under the radar: Phillip Schaal

Phillip Schaal on Amandla, 8B+, Rocklands, SA, 112 kb
Phillip Schaal on Amandla, 8B+, Rocklands, SA
© Lisa Bähr

Phillip Schaal, from the bouldering mecca of Connecticut, USA, is one of those lesser sung underground heroes of the bouldering world. Having done 8B+'s on three continents, sometimes news about his recent sends surface on our screens, but just as quickly he then disappears under the radar again.

Lately, he has been spending some time in Rocklands, South Africa, teaming up with Andy Gullsten and company. When the trip was over, I decided to ask him a couple of questions. I wouldn't go so far as to call it an interview, but here it is.

I hear you've been doing extremely well in Rocklands this year. What can you tell me about it? How does Rocklands compare to other areas?
Rocklands is one of the nicest places. The colors, food, weather, people, etc... all make Rocklands my favorite place I've visited. I hope to make a return visit next year. I'm 80% on that.
I loved the climbing style too. Dynamic on good holds, not too many heal hooks, all on high quality sandstone.

Some of my best climbs were:
Amandla, 8B+
Ray of light 8B
El Corazon, 8B
Steak House, 8A+
Green Mamba, 8A+ FLASH
The Amphitheater, 8A+ FLASH

Some have been downgraded but for me I feel like these grades are accurate.

Any plans of coming to Europe? If so, where would you be the most psyched to go and why?
I do have some plans for this winter, Switzerland would be the first choice but I've always wanted to check out the British limestone too.
I'll have to work my butt off first if I'm going to manage any of that...

Thanks Phillip, and good luck with that!

Phillip Schaal is sponsored by: Five Ten, Metolius, Moon and Pacific Outdoor.

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