Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner - K2 Success - 8000ers Ticked

Austrian climber Gerlined Kaltenbrunner has become the first woman to climb all 14 8000 metre peaks without supplementary oxygen.

She summited K2 yesterday (23/08/11) by the difficult north ridge, which has only seen a small number of prevous ascents.

Gerlinde Kaltebrunner, 189 kb
Gerlinde Kaltebrunner

You can follow Gerlinde on her website. An update from summit day reads:

"3rd Update  SUMMIT!!!

At 6:18pm local time, Gerlinde reached the summit of K2. Maxut and Vassiliy are also nearly there and Darek is close behind. 

4th Update – The whole team reaches the summit!

Maxut, Vassiliy and Darek have also reached the top of K2 and were able to share the summit success with Gerlinde. The four of them are now on their way down. 

Gerlinde is over the moon and can't believe how lucky they were to reach the summit TOGETHER in this fantastic weather, despite the difficult conditions during the ascent. 

Gerlinde told Ralf on the radio that she would like to thank everyone, who was with her in their thoughts and kept their fingers crossed for her climb. She would also like to thank everyone for their mental support, which she could clearly feel and literally carried her to the summit."

Kaltenbrunner is the second woman to climb all 14 8000m peaks after Spainsh mountaineer Edurne Pasaban.

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