Unofficial dyno world record by Alex Puccio

Alex Puccio dynoing 215cm, 121 kb
Alex Puccio dynoing 215cm
© Shawn Boye, Tielma productions

During the Västervik International Boulder Meet, there was a dyno competition. The plan was to make it an official one, according to all the rules and regulations, but unfortunately getting hold of the official Bendcrete dyno holds turned out to be a major problem...

The competition was a success regardless, with quite a few spectacular results as well as party tricks. For example, Jocke Berglund, who ended up winning, managed to both dyno straight up to the top of the wall and do a 360. Don't know if he had problems understanding the complicated rules...

In the women's competition Alex Puccio, who according to herself is not good at dynoing, managed to reach 215cm.
If I'm not misinformed this is further than the official world record by some margin!
If I am misinformed, please tell me.

Among the men, the previously mentioned Jocke Berglund won after an epic battle with Andy Gullsten. Jocke reached 260cm and Andy 255cm.

An article about the Västervik Boulder meet is in the pipeline.

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