FRI NIGHT VID: Interview with Peter Habeler

This week's Friday nighter continues on with the Mountain Equipment series and an interview with Peter Habeler.

For those who don't know who Peter is here is an excerpt from his wikipedia page:

Peter Habeler (born July 22, 1942) is an Austrian mountaineer. He was born in Mayrhofen, Austria.

Among his accomplishments as a mountaineer are his first ascents in the Rocky Mountains (first European to climb on the Big Walls in Yosemite National Park).

He began climbing with Reinhold Messner in 1969. Several accomplishments in mountaineering followed. The most notable event was the first ascent without supplemental oxygen of Mount Everest in 1978 together with Messner, which had previously been thought as impossible. Habeler set a further record by descending from the summit to the South Col in only one hour.

VIDEO: In conversation with Peter Habeler

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