Andy Gullsten repeats The Globalist, 8B+

Anthony Gullsten on The Globalist, 8B+, Sipoo, Finland
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Andy Gullsten, who is currently spending some time at home in Finland, has made the 2nd ascent of Nalle Hukkataival's The Globalist, 8B+, at Sipoo.

The young Finja says this was his hardest ascent ever and that he needed 5 days before success came. Earlier this year he did, The never ending story at Magic wood, his first of the grade.

Andy is another one of the lucky five who will compete in the La Sportiva Legends Only in Stockholm 22 October. With this kind of form no one is safe.

Anthony Gullsten is sponsored by: Monkee clothing and La Sportiva

Source: 27 Crags

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