Midtboe repeats Nordic flower, 9a

Magnus Midtboe on Nordic Flower, ~9a, Flatanger, 118 kb
Magnus Midtboe on Nordic Flower, ~9a, Flatanger
© Magnus Midtboe

Magnus Midtboe has once again spent some time in the Flatanger cave, north of Trondheim in Norway. Some wet and cold days as it were, but this didn't stop him from making the 2nd ascent of Jorg Verhoeven's Nordic flower, 9a, which was put up a couple of months ago.

The ascent came surprisingly quickly according to Magnus, who previously had only tried the firs1/3 of the route back in May.

This time, after going through it once to chalk up the holds and fix the draws, he did the first half on his first attempt but couldn't try the rest as the rope was too short(!).

On the next go, he fired the whole thing.

He comments that he is ...not sure about the 9a grade, but on such a beautiful route I don't think the grade even matters. Without doubt the most beautiful route I have ever done!

Congrats to Magnus!

Magnus Midtboe is sponsored by: AAK, Tyrili Klatring and Mammut

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