Phase 2, 8B+, by Koyamada

Dai Koyamada on Phase 2, 8B+, Sustenpass, 92 kb
Dai Koyamada on Phase 2, 8B+, Sustenpass
© Ikuko Serata

We got a new report from Dai Koyamada:

It is very hot here in Ticino like a summer.
I went to try
[The] Story [of two worlds] yesterday but it was not good, too hot!

Then I moved to Sustenpass and did Phase 2 8B+. I think it is the 3rd ascent [after Ueli Gygax and Fred Nicole].
I felt a bit easy for 8B+, but it is a very good line!
For me, the getting there (the approach) was harder.

I also did Fred's, 8A+, and Zentrale traverse, 8A, too.
The conditions are perfect now in Sustenpass.

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