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Flashed Pads - Big Squishy and Drifter

Flashed has only recently entered the UK market, and these pads offer something a bit different to the competition. Built to last, and with some well-thought-out features, they justify their chunky price tags, says Rob Greenwood.

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UKC/UKH Gear of the Year 2022

Our hard working review team get through a mountain of kit every year. Amongst it all some items stand out from the crowd, and after much deliberation we've managed to boil it down to a selection of favourites. So here it is, our Gear of the Year 2022.

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Flashed MG2+ Chalk: Minimal Environmental Impact and Maximum Friction

Performance and environmental responsibility have always been driving motivations to make continual progress. The concept behind our new Mg2+ was to go further.


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Competition WINNER - Win a Flashed Drifter Crash Pad

Curiosity is the root of all knowledge and success here at Flashed! We analyze problems with a scientific approach, reasoning what causes them. The iterative process to solve these issues may take time but it's worth it in order to create innovative products that adapt to any terrain indoors or out!  

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