Pura Vida for Therese Johansen

Therese Johansen on Pura vida, 8A+, Magic wood, Switzerland, 174 kb
Therese Johansen on Pura vida, 8A+, Magic wood, Switzerland
© Therese Johansen

Therese Johansen has made the 4th female ascent, after Babsi Zangerl, Anna Stöhr and Doro Karalus, of Pura vida, 8A+, at Magic wood, Switzerland.

On her blog she says that she ...surprised herself by doing it.

She tried it for a bit last year but wasn't that impressed by it. When she went to have a look at it this time, she didn't expect it to be dry as it had snowed a lot, but it was and she got to work. After a while she had figured out all the moves and could do it rather quickly.

Must have been tailor made for me... YES I love to crimp!!! (and hate heel hooking).

Therese Johansen is sponsored by: adidas, Organic and Five Ten

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