Sasha Digiulian climbs 9a!

Sasha Digiulian on Southern smoke, 8c+  © Magnus Midtbö
Sasha Digiulian on Southern smoke, 8c+
© Magnus Midtbö

Sasha Digiulian is back in what seems to be her favourite climbing area, Kentucky's Red River Gorge. Last time around, in March this year, she redpointed two 8c+'s and onsighted an 8b+, now she is back for more.

When not watching horse races, she attempted Jonathan Siegrist's Pure Imagination at the impressive Chocolate factory. A crag that's also home to RRG's first 9a, Golden ticket.

Success came quickly and she became the 2nd (possibly 3rd) woman, after Josune Bereziartu, to climb a 9a.
Sasha needed six tries spread over three days.

I will try to get a comment from her as soon as possible.

Sasha DiGiulian is sponsored by adidas, Mad Rock and Native and Petzl

Source: 8a

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16 Oct, 2011
Absolutely stunning.... and the climb looks pretty good too ;p But the SECOND woman to climb I missing something to do with a certain Miss Durif?
16 Oct, 2011
The French don't believe lots of Durif's stuff. As far as I can make out, she's been caught lying about stuff in the past, and now unless she can produce a belayer who isn't her dad the stock response is not to believe anything she claims. RRG looks totally mega!
17 Oct, 2011
wow for potentially such a big controversy it seems to have slipped under the radar (at least on the english speaking sites).
17 Oct, 2011
17 Oct, 2011
And much more on i now realise. Not that I want to detract from Sasha's achievement on here but more to clarify.
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