FRI NIGHT VID: Toni Lamprecht in Greenland

Earlier this summer a Swiss-Bavarian team comprising of Andres Lietha, Tom Holzhauser, Michi Wyser, Michi Tresch, Caroline Morel and Toni Lamprecht established a brace of new routes on Quvnerit Island in Greenland.

Here's a video of Michi Tresch, Tom Holzhauser and Toni Lamprecht doing the first ascent of the 600m long "Serratit", 7b, on the Island Quvnerit near the Cape Farvel in Greenland.

New routes climbed on the trip:

Quvnerit Island / Sivinganerup ima Fiord:
- "Serratit", 7b (5.12b), 600m (12 pitches), 1. Ascent: T. Holzhauser / T.  Lamprecht / M. Tresch August 14th and 15th 2011
Golden Pillars
- "Another Wallhalla", 6a+ (5.10b), 800m (16 pitches), 1. Ascent: T. Holzhauser / T. Lamprecht/ M. Tresch, August 11th 2011
- "Waslala", 6a+ (5.10b), 600m (11 pitches),1. Ascent: C. Morel / A. Lietha / M. Wyser August 15th and 22nd 2011 

Quvnerit Island / Itivdliap Pularia Fjord:
Dos Canones I
- "Private Universe", 7a+ (5.11d), 550m (12 pitches), 1. Ascent: T. Holzhauser / M. Tresch August 1st 2011
- "Lucky Mushrooms", 6b+ (5.10d), 600m (10 pitches), 1. Ascent: C. Morel / A. Lietha / M. Wyser August 11th 2011
Dos Canones II
- "El Martillo", 6a+ (5.10b), 500m (10 pitches), 1. Ascent: C. Morel/ A.  Lietha / M. Wyser August 4th 2011
- "Bondola", 6a+ (5.10b), 450m (9 pitches),1. Ascent: C. Morel / A. Lietha / M. Wyser August 7th 2011
- "Northern Comfort", 6a+ (5.10b), 600m (12 pitches),1. Ascent: A. Lietha / M. Wyser August 20th 2011

 Piz Rascana
- "Corradojillo ", 6c (5.11a), 300m (7 pitches), 1. Ascent: C. Morel / A.  Lietha / M. Wyser August 1st 2011
- "Rascana", 6c (5.11a), 450m (10 pitches), 1. Ascent: T. Holzhauser /  T. Lamprecht / M. Tresch August 5th 2011

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