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Daniel woods on Somewhere in between, 8B+, Magic wood
© Erik Massih

The North Americans have kept themselves busy at Magic wood, Switzerland lately. Daniel Woods has been there for some time now and with the newly arrived Paul Robinson, Sean McColl and strong Finn Andy Gullsten, they certainly got the momentum going.

Sean started off with a bang by making a super fast ascent of New base line, 8B+, needing only 1,5hrs to succeed.
On the same day he also did the nearby Voigas, 8A+/B.

Later, first Paul Robinson and then Daniel Woods, managed to repeat Somewhere in between a problem that was originally given 8B, but that the due feels to be more like low end 8B+.

last but not least, after moving over to Chironico, Sean made a quick ascent of Big paw, ~8B+/C and Delusions of Grandeur, 8B. The latter was also done by Paul.

Source: 27crags

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