Speed intégrale, hard 9a, by Lachat

Cedric Lachat, who just came back from China where he attended the Petzl RocTrip, has made the first ascent of Speed intégrale at Voralpsee, Switzerland.

Cedric Lachat on Speed intégrale, 9a, Voralpsee, Swizerland, 60 kb
Cedric Lachat on Speed intégrale, 9a, Voralpsee, Swizerland
© Stefan Sclumpf

The route is an extension to Beat Kammerlander's Speed, a notoriously hard for the grade 8c+, which was put up in 1995. This route finishes 3/4 up the wall, and Cedric "simply" continued the 8a+ Lucy to the top of the crag. He feels that the extension doesn't add much to the over all difficulty, but still enough to warrant the 9a grade, especially so as the original route would probably be given 9a itself anywhere else.

Source: Kairn

Cedric Lachat is sponsored by:Mammut, Top30, CAS and Swiss Olympic Medical center

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