9a's by the French in Spain

Dani Andrada on Era Bella, 9a, Margalef, 132 kb
Dani Andrada on Era Bella, 9a, Margalef
© Bernardo Gimenez

As seem to have become a tradition, many of the French top climbers spend this time a year in Cataluña, Spain. Not that this is in anyway limited to the French.

16 year old wiz kid Enzo Oddo has spent a lot of time on the classic La Rambla original, 9a+, in the El Pati sector at Siurana. After twentyfive or so attempts, he did the 7th ascent after Ramón Julián, Edu Marin, Chris Sharma, Andreas Bindhammer, Patxi Usobiaga and Adam Ondra.

The original route, named La Rambla was put up by Alexander Huber in 1994 and given 8c+.
9 years later, Ramonet extended the line somewhat called it La Rambla original and gave it 9a+. The extension doesn't really add much, if anything, to the difficulty, which would strongly imply the original route (not to be confused with La Rambla original), was in fact considerably harder than 8c+ to begin with.

This was Enzo's 4th 9a+.

Meanwhile at Siurana, Sébastien Bouin climbed his second ~9a in short time by repeating Chris Sharma's 50m Era Bella, 9a, in six tries.

Enzo Oddo is sponsored by: prAna, Sterling Rope, Petzl, Five Ten and Club Alpin Francais.

Sébastien Bouin is sponsored by: Five Ten

Source: Kairn

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