VIDEO: Sasha DiGiulian Climbs 9a - Pure imagination

Sasha DiGiulian on Pure imagination, 9a, 218 kb
Sasha DiGiulian on Pure imagination, 9a
© Keith Ladzinski / Andy Mann

Sasha DiGiulian on Pure Imagination, 9a, Red River Gorge, 66 kb
Sasha DiGiulian on Pure Imagination, 9a, Red River Gorge
© Adidas Outdoor, video still
In October 2011, 19 year old American climber Sasha DiGiulian managed to repeat Jonathan Siegrist's 9a sport route Pure imagination, at the 'Chocolate Factory' in the Red River Gorge, Kentucky, USA.

Sasha's ascent is significant in that only one or two women have ever previously climbed at the level of 9a.

From Sasha's website:

"I have been climbing since I was seven years old. On average I train 2-3 hours each day, five days a week. I have travelled to over 15 countries to pursue my sport, both for competitions and to climb outside. Every year, my climbing has progressed to new levels and I challenge myself with new goals.

Since a young age I have balanced my climbing life with my school life. This balance has taught me valuable time management skills. I have also learned a lot about the successes that hard work yields, and the necessity for determination and passion. I see myself living out my passion for climbing for the rest of my life."

Keith Ladzinski and Andy Mann were there to catch it on video:

Sasha DiGiulian is sponsored by adidas, Mad Rock and Native and Petzl

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