Kalte Sophie, 8A+, Sarah Seeger

Sarah Seeger on Frank's wild years, 8A+, Cresciano, Switzerland, 133 kb
Sarah Seeger on Frank's wild years, 8A+, Cresciano, Switzerland
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Sarah Seeger, the first woman to climb 8c in the Frankenjura (she has done two), has made an impressive repeat of Markus Bock's Kalte Sophie, 8A+, in Frankenjura, Germany

On Marmot's website, Sarah explains that she didn't expect to do it so quickly, and especially not on that day, because the conditions were far from ideal.

Hi Sarah, congrats on bouldering 8A+!
You were the first and still only woman to climb 8c in Frankenjura. Is the next goal now to do the first 8B boulder, or do you have any other goals for the future?

Hi Björn! At the moment, I am just happy with the 8A+ ;) I hope that I can climb some more nice boulders this winter, but I am also looking forward to get on a rope again in spring and try some of the projects I couldn't finish last year ;)

Sarah's was the second female ascent by this problem after Dorothea Karalus' in 2009 (video below), and while the list of women who have done 8A+ increases steadily, so far only Anna Stöhr, Dorothea Karalus, Angie Payne and Therese Johansen have managed to do an 8B.

Sarah is PR & Communications Manager at Marmot and is quite naturally sponsored by them.

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