Fish Eye, 8c, 2nd go for Caroline Ciavaldini

Caroline Ciavaldini onsighting Tres Ponts, 8a+, 206 kb
Caroline Ciavaldini onsighting Tres Ponts, 8a+
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After one month and a half in Asia at a leisurely rate of 3 routes per day, James and Caroline awarded themselves a month's "fitness training" in Spain, to grow their forearms before their upcoming multi-pitch projects in April.

Caroline Reports about her first day at Oliana, Catalunya, Spain:

We arrived in Spain the day before yesterday in our new VW van, freshly transformed into a camper. Tired from the long drive the day before, cooked by the baking sun, and quite frankly, intimidated by the length of the cliff – we were not hoping for much!

I had spotted 'Fish eye' last year; I thought it was possible, but hard... to be truthful, I planned it to be my project for this month. So I set off slowly up the route yesterday morning to discover the methods.
'Fish eye' is a pure endurance 8c, with some hard moves, big rests, and a final hard section at the very top. As the only method to get some endurance is to eat some, I threw myself into my red-point run, just to work on my arms... except that, after a very good and long fight, I found myself on the top, clipping the belay!

Well, it seems that the endurance is not so bad after all!

Caroline Ciavaldini is sponsored by: Edelrid, The North Face, La Sportiva, Adidas Eyewear, Waxx underwear and Powerbar.

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