VIDEO: Markus Bendler, the Ice Prince

To become a champion, you must train like a champion. Here is the first (of ten) chapter of Markus Bendler's Movieblog (Eisprinz).

Marcus Bendler Ice Climbing  © Still shot from Video
Marcus Bendler Ice Climbing
© Still shot from Video

Markus is an ice climbing world champion. On "real" ice, he has done routes as hard as M13+ and on rock up to 9a.

At this day and age, everyone who is aiming to become the best must use very specific and highly scientific training methods. The research needed is very similar to rocket science and, consequently, Markus' training facilities creates a very lab-like atmosphere.

Just watch this video and see for yourselves:

Markus Bendler is sponsored by: Scarpa, Black Diamond, Maloja and Gloryfy unbreakable

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9 Feb, 2012
What a beast!
9 Feb, 2012
What a video! That guy is a machine.
9 Feb, 2012
Very similar to rocket science, eh? Looked like a load of clambering around and a bunch of pull ups to me. Takes a bit more than that to put a man on the moon, I would have thought!
9 Feb, 2012
Crikey! His moobs are bigger than the chick on the poster!
9 Feb, 2012
if moobs like that let me climb like him, i'll happily have them!
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