Court Rules Against Climbing Wall In Injury Claim

Craggy Island, Guildford © Father Jack
Craggy Island, Guildford
© Father Jack
Craggy Island climbing wall in Guildford has been held partially responsible for a 2008 accident in which Ms Louise Pinchbeck, as an insurance loss adjuster for HBOS, suffered a broken ankle.

Ms Louise Pinchbeck jumped approximately 4-5ft from the bouldering wall and sustained her injury when she landed.

The recent court ruling is expected to result in an award of up to £100k.

Joint Craggy Island Managing Director, Rob Mitchell says, "This is one more catastrophic blow for common-sense.  Ms Pinchbeck signed our disclaimer which clearly states the dangers associated with climbing.  Craggy Island is a premiere climbing centre, the environment here is professional, highly disciplined but also challenging.  We are respected in the climbing world for our facilities and these are complemented by robust safety procedures that allow people from all walks of life to try climbing for the first time or advance their professional skills."

Judge Patrick Curran QC said Ms Pinchbeck had to bear one third responsibility for her injuries, whilst Craggy Island bear the rest.

The ruling, covered in the Telegraph Newspaper, has resulted in forum discussion on UKC.

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19 Mar, 2012
This is utter madness. Are people on longer responsible for their own actions?
19 Mar, 2012
I agree! One of the first things I learnt was that this kind of injury can very easily happen and that is why you downclimb to a safe distance. Unless the mats were worn out, holey or something like that, I don't think she should have done this. I have friends who have dislocated things etc and they know its either their own fault or just one of those things....
19 Mar, 2012
I completely agree. This country has gone mad.
19 Mar, 2012
This could be a 'land mark' for stupid claims...oh dear!
19 Mar, 2012
The sport of climbing (and sport in general) can do without people like this. No doubt we'll be hearing more stories like this with people just after a claim and spoiling it for everyone else.
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