Esclatamàsters, first 9a for Pearson

James Pearson on Esclatamàsters, 9a, Perles, Spain, 68 kb
James Pearson on Esclatamàsters, 9a, Perles, Spain
© Francisco Taranto Jr.

It would seem James Pearson's transformation from gritstone head-pointer to limestone red-pointer is now completed. 15 March, on his second try of the day, he managed to do Escalatamàsters, 9a, at Perles, Spain for his first of the grade.

On his blog, James comes clean and admits to the 8th deadly sin of actually caring about climbing a 9a. A "sin" I think is easily forgiven.

The route can be divided into two distinctly different parts. The first is very steep and offers athletic climbing while the second, after a rest in a knee bar, is all about small crimpers and pinches.

James' ascent of Esclatamàsters was the 9th, or there about. He needed a total of 6 days and 7 red point attempts.

James Pearson is sponsored by Wild Country , La Sportiva , The North Face , Adidas Eyewear

The photo was taken by Francisco Taranto Jr


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