REVIEW: Welcome to the hood

Daniel Woods on Entlinge, ~8B+, Murgtal, Switzerland, 72 kb
Daniel Woods on Entlinge, ~8B+, Murgtal, Switzerland
© Dominik Hadwiger

From 2 April, the new bouldering movie from PRAK media (Paul Robinson Alex Kahn) is possible to buy as a HD download. We get to watch Paul, Daniel Woods, Anthony Gullsten and Guntram Jörg climb in Fontainebleau, Silvretta, Murgtal and Ticino.

If you like watching some of the very best boulderers in the world do what they do best i.e, climb hard boulder problems, this is great value for money.
Among many, and I mean MANY, other difficult ascents, the movie features Daniel Woods' flash of Fred Nicole's Entlinge, 8B+/C, at Murgtal.

I'm sure not everyone will agree, but I really liked the soundtrack too.

Personally I think the movie would have been even better if it had let us know more about the climbers. We know they can squeeze water from a rock, but who are they really and how did they get where they are today?

Hopefully, Paul's next big project Chasing winter can give us some more of that.

Welcome to the hood will be available here from 2 April.

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