Cornish E7 for Cherry Bedford plus New Routes

Cherry Bedford has repeated the E7 6c Off the Mark at Robin's Rocks, West Cornwall. The route is thirty five metres of steadily overhanging greenstone with fingery, engaging moves and big but safe runouts.

Meanwhile, Alexis Perry, who repeated Off the Mark last year, has been busy leaving his own 'mark' at the crag:

"When I did Off the Mark last summer, I couldn't help but notice the rather obvious gaps between the existing routes. Whilst Cherry was doing Off the Mark, I plugged these holes. To the left of the Littlejohn route Black Sapper, there is now a good E5 6a. Pumpy, exciting climbing, bit runout in places, proper finishing jugs. Goes under the name Limpet Desires. Better still, the wall to the right of Off the Mark can now boast a companion route, International Kidney Dealer, also E7 6c. It's probably less technical than Off the Mark, but more thuggy and more runout. It's proper good."

Alexis Perry at Anstey's Cove, 225 kb
Alexis Perry at Anstey's Cove
© Toby Dunn
Cherry Bedford at Lower Sharpnose, Devon, 177 kb
Cherry Bedford at Lower Sharpnose, Devon
© Cherry Bedford Collection

Robin's Rocks is small greenstone cliff in West Cornwall, close to the better known Gurnard's Head. It faces North-West and best conditions are found in the evening. Although the base of the crag isn't actually tidal, large waves can 'sweep the ledge with frightening ease'.

Robin's Rocks Topo
© Alexis Perry

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