Sasha Digiulian repeats Era Vella, 9a

Sasha Digiulian is happy after climbing Era Bella, 9a  © Big Up Productions
Sasha Digiulian is happy after climbing Era Bella, 9a
© Big Up Productions
American climber Sasha Digiulian, who is back in Catalunya, Spain, has done her second 9a sport route by repeating Chris Sharma's Era Vella* at Margalef.

Sasha got very close to doing it last time she was there back in March, but after falling close to the top, she decided to take a rest day. Then the weather turned bad and she wasn't given another chance. Until now.

According to a report on Big Up Productions' Facebook page, Sasha did it on her first go this trip, even though she by all likelihood was severely jet lagged. In total that means 6 days of effort went in to climbing the route.

*I just learned that the original name of the route "Era vella" ("old threshing floor" in Catalan), is the name of Chris and Daila's home.
"Era bella" means "was beautiful" both in Catalan and Spanish, but has nothing to do with the name of this route.

This is Sasha's second route of 9a, she has previously climbed Pure Imagination at the Red River Gorge, USA. You can read about that ascent, and watch a great video here: UKC News Item.

UPDATE: Footage of Sasha on the route:

Sasha DiGiulian is sponsored by adidas, Five Ten, Native and Petzl

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26 Apr, 2012
First woman on a 9A?
26 Apr, 2012
No. It's this ladies second 9a, and Josune Berz.... (Basque lady) did one a few years ago
26 Apr, 2012
One in the US recently as well wasn't there ?
26 Apr, 2012
this is her second.
26 Apr, 2012
Josune Bereziartu. Also Alizee Dufraisse recently did an 8c+/9a in Siurana ( and is currently working on La Rambla (9a/+), which, if I understand correctly, she is quite close to doing. Video of her working it here:
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