VIDEO: Excerpt from The wizard's apprentice and new plans

Petr Pavlícek shooting Golpe de estado, 87 kb
Petr Pavlícek shooting Golpe de estado
© Petr Pavlícek

Like so many else Petr Pavlícek and Adam Ondra are now at Melloblocco in Val Masino, Italy. Petr told me a little bit about the new project:

We decided to make a new "big" film at last. It will not be only about Adam and not only about climbing. But of course, climbing will be a big part of it...
I want to shoot it in a totally new way, new cameras, equipment, helicopter shots for everything - climbing, Nature shots, traveling... I hope that we get enough money for it, because the potential for making something unique is really big. We will do so many amazing things there!

On Thursday we go to Italy to Mello and to the Trento film festival, to present our old film and also new project to the potential sponsors.

Sounds like a plan!

For those of you who haven't seen the "old" movie, The wizard's apprentice, yet, here is a new excerpt:

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