Robert Jasper on The Shark's Fin in Tierra del Fuego

On April 7th Robert Jasper, Ralf Gantzhorn and Jorg Heller climbed the west ridge of Monte Giordano in Tierra del Fuego's Cordillera Darwin. They christened the mountain "the Shark's Fin after the shape of the west ridge.

The west ridge of Monte Giordano in Tierra del Fuego
© Ralf Gantzhorn

The ascent was part of a 6 week expedition to this incredibly remote area - an area which most mountaineers have kept away from over the years owing to the seemingly constant bad weather. This occasion was no different with the team being involved ina number of weather-related adventures including securing their approach boat to cliffs on one occasion to avoid heavy storms. Once on land they endured rainforests, deep marshland and rugged glaciers and had to abandon their planned base camp due to constant storms.

The juggle approach to Monte Giordano in Tierra del Fuego
© Ralf Gantzhorn

From Robert Jasper's web site (Words: Malte Roeper):

The ascent of the Shark's Fin on Monte Giordano in Tierra del Fuego
© Ralf Gantzhorn
When the barometer finally climbed only three days before the planned departure the team went for the final attempt. It was their speed that turned out key to be the to success. Shortly after midnight on the 7th April in brigh moonlight they reached the summit. After 27 hours the team reached the boat safely.

The peak is indeed so unknown that maps differ in the published heights and contradicting names. Because of the spectacular shape which reminded the team of a shark's fin Robert Jasper, Jörn Heller and Ralf Gantzhorn named it exactly this way. Their GPS gave them a summit-altitude of 1517 m, 500 meters less than the Chilean maps.

After the first ascent of Ironman (UKC News Report), one of the most difficult mixed climbs of the world, the first ascent of Shark's Fin was the second great success for Robert Jasper in 2012.

Robert Jasper's web site

Write-up by Lyndsay Griffin on the BMC web site

Location of Monte Giordano in Tierra del Fuego
© Google Maps

Robert is appearing at this year's Kendal Mountain Festival as part of Marmot Night, Friday 16 November.

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