VIDEO: Two 9a FA's in 75 min by Pirmin Bertle

Pirmin Bertle on Chromosome X, 9a, Charmay, Switzerland, 172 kb
Pirmin Bertle on Chromosome X, 9a, Charmay, Switzerland
© Pirmin Bertle

German climber living in Switzerland, Pirmin Bertle recently managed to make the first ascents of two 9a's in 75 minutes at his local crag Charmay, Switzerland.

You would think this means it must be two variations of the same route, but as it turns out, even though Chromosome X and Chromosome Y do cross each other, they don't share a single move.

These were Pirmin's 6th and 7th 9a's, five of which have been first ascents.

There's really no need to say more about it as all the information is in the video, plus there's an interview here

Pirmin Bertle is sponsored by: Edelrid

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