NEWSFLASH: Houseman and Bullock - Slovak Direct

British climbers Andy Houseman and Nick Bullock have repeated the huge Slovak Direct on Denali, Alaska.

Houseman has just tweeted:

"Slovak Direct DONE! 4 days of nearly constant snow, a 27hr push, 16hr unplanned.. What an amazing route! WOW!"

The route is a huge 3000m (ish) climb on the steep South Face of Denali, and retreat is near impossible after the first 1000m have been climbed.

We hope to bring you more info on Nick and Andy's ascent soon. Well done lads!

Andy Houseman, 96 kb
Andy Houseman
© Jack Geldard / UKC
Nick Bullock at Gogarth, 205 kb
Nick Bullock at Gogarth
© Jack Geldard, Nov 2009

Until then enjoy this video of American climber Jesse Huey making a repeat two years ago.

Jesse commented in an interview after his climb:

"It is really hard to convey the experience of going through a climb like this. At this point, it is certainly the hardest, most legitimate climb I have done. It felt really really out there and the feeling of commitment was as much as you could possibly bite off. On the climb it always felt like we were in control, but now looking back it is quite overwhelming to rationalize just how committed we were. I guess you never really realize these things till you have gone through it and can look back at it. After climbing the first 4000 feet, (it is 10,000 feet tall) Rappelling wasn't an option. Up was out. Style is super important to me in any climb. I hadn't been in a position like this one in a while and I think it humbled me a bit."

Andy Houseman is sponsored by The North Face , Black Diamond , Scarpa , Tendon , Adidas Eyewear, Goal Zero

Nick Bullock is sponsored by Mountain Equipment , DMM , Boreal , Samsung.

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