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BOREAL have been manufacturing premium quality from the very beginning. Four decades of experience and testing means you can trust BOREAL to deliver the quality and performance you need. High quality craftsmanship ensures that our products will stand the test of time.

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OTS Trade Show Reports

For the first time since the pandemic UKC and UKH have attended an actual, real life trade show, OTS in Liverpool. Here are the highlights of what we saw. 

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These are reviews from the UKC editorial team

Boreal Joker and Joker Lace

The Joker is a supremely comfortable and adaptable rock shoe, that's capable of fitting an array of foot shapes and sizes, says Rob Greenwood. This combination of forgiving fit and reasonable mid-range performance is the model's chief selling p...

Boreal Crux and Crux Lace (Men's and Women's)

If you're seeking a single rock shoe to do a bit of everything, and which offers comfort without making major compromises on performance, then the Crux series would be well worth a look, say Rob Greenwood and Penny Orr. 

Boreal Beta and Beta Eco - Men's and Women's

Aimed at indoor beginners, the Beta and Beta Eco offer a forgiving and comfortable fit for climbing shoe first timers, without sacrificing too much performance on the steeper ground that tends to typify climbing at the wall, says Rob Greenwood.

Comfy All-Day Rock Shoes

For beginners taking their first steps on the rock, or more experienced climbers looking for a foot-friendly rock shoe for long...

Boreal Drom

It's a weighty workhorse rather than a lightweight thoroughbred, says Rob Greenwood, but as a result the Drom is one of the sturdiest and most...

Boreal Ace

In a market saturated with soft downturned rock shoes, the stiff and supportive Ace will be a breath of fresh air for trad climbers, says Rob...

Performance Rock Shoes - Women's / LV Fit

In this group test we compare nine pairs of performance shoes with a women's / low volume fit. How did they all...

Latest News

These are announcements direct from this brand

Beta Eco

Beta Eco is constructed using recycled materials wherever possible in an effort to lead the way for environmentally sustainable climbing shoes.

BOREAL Crux performance climbing shoe

The new BOREAL Crux is a stunning technical all-rounder for those who want high level performance with more versatility than extremely down-turned shoes can achieve.

New Footwear Spring / Summer '21

In the absence of any trade show this year, we've created our own. Normally, shows tend to focus on products hitting the market in 6 months to a year, but we've asked brands to talk about the new kit available now. In this first round up, we're showing...

BOREAL Ace and Ballet

The BOREAL Ace and Ballet are modern takes on classic models. The Ace is the ideal routes shoe, with a precise fit and superb edging...

The all new BOREAL Beta and Beta Women's

A new shoe aimed at intermediate climbers who spend most of their time climbing indoors, Beta will help you perform...

OutDoor 2019 - New Climbing Shoes and Footwear

We're just back from the annual summer gear-fest that is the OutDoor trade show. As Europe sweltered in the...

Boreal Mountain Boots - Triglav / Nelion / Arwa

Spring 2019 sees the launch of new family of alpine mountaineering boots from Boreal. The three new models...


Articles featuring this brand

Competition WINNERS - Win 1 of 2 Pairs of Boreal Joker or Joker Lace (Men's or Women's)

The Joker, our bestselling model is now in its third generation, and has been upgraded to offer an improved fit and features the use of more sustainable recycled materials. Here's your chance to win 1 of 2 pairs, with both your choice o...

Competition WINNERS - Win 1 of 2 Pairs of Boreal Crux

The world of high-performance shoes can be confusing, each model focusing on a narrow aspect of climbing. Crux offers a refreshing change. Equally at home whether bouldering, sport climbing or trad climbing, Crux is the one shoe for all...

Competition WINNER - Win a pair of Boreal Flyers approach shoes

Your chance to win a pair of the new Boreal Flyers approach shoes.

Competition WINNERS - Win 1 of 2 pairs of Boreal Crux climbing shoes!

Your chance to win a pair of the new Boreal Crux, the latest high performance rock shoe from...

Competition WINNER - Win a pair of Boreal Ace climbing shoes

Your chance to win a pair of Boreal Ace rock shoes.

Competition WINNER - Win a pair of Boreal Drom approach shoes

Your chance to win a pair of Boreal Drom approach shoes.

Competition WINNER - Win a pair of Triglav or Arwa Mountain Boots!

Triglav and Arwa are two of the newest mountaineering boots from BOREAL. Enter the competition to have...

Competition WINNER - Win a pair of Boreal Synergy

Competition WINNER - Win a pair of the brand new Boreal Ninja!

Competition WINNER - Win a pair of Boreal Satori

Competition WINNERS - Win a pair of Boreal Diabolo rock shoes!

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