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BOREAL have been manufacturing premium quality from the very beginning. Four decades of experience and testing means you can trust BOREAL to deliver the quality and performance you need. High quality craftsmanship ensures that our products will stand the test of time.

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REVIEW: Boreal Satori

Boreal Satori

The Boreal Satori's mid-range flex makes it a great shoe for steep bouldering and sport climbing, says Theo Moore

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REVIEW: Boreal Synergy

Boreal Synergy

A soft, down-turned, asymmetric shoe from Boreal's high-end Trilogy range, the Synergy excels at bouldering - whether that be on steep limestone, smeary gritstone or indoor climbing, says Theo Moore

Performance Rock Shoes

'Performance' is a huge category, so with UK sport climbing in mind we've narrowed the focus of this review to down-turned, supportive shoes with a good edge. How did they all do?

Mid-Sized Bouldering Mats

Bouldering mats have come a long way since the beer towel. Not only do modern pads give a better landing, they are also bigger, easier to carry and boast useful extra features. This test highlights the range of options currently available.

Boreal Diabolo

Updated for 2017, the new version of Boreal's classic Diabolo is described as "a great compromise between comfort and performance". So how did we...

Boreal Joker Plus Lace

For long days on mountain rock, or laid-back low-grade cragging sessions, this comfy and supportive shoe is easy on the feet, says Dan...

Boreal Aztec Walking Shoe

A very sturdy waterproof-lined walking shoe, the Boreal Aztec is billed as a low-ankle alternative to boots. Is Dan Bailey converted?

Rock Shoes for All-Day Comfort

Most climbers need a comfy rock shoe in their lives. When choosing an all-day all-rounder, pure performance comes second to...

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PRODUCT NEWS: Boreal Saurus Running Shoe

Boreal Saurus Running Shoe

Saurus is an all new trail running shoe which excels on off-road footpaths and routes which feature a mix of hard paved surfaces and softer off-road terrain.

The new Boreal Ninja performance slipper

The original Ninja slipper was legendary, offering a huge step up in performance. The latest incarnation is set to be equally groundbreaking, with outstanding performance in an easy-fit slipper.

Boreal Synergy Performance Rock Shoe

Boreal Synergy is a super sensitive shoe with an aggressive highly assymetric last shape. Optimised for bouldering and competition use.

OutDoor 2018 - Rock Shoes and Footwear

The UKC/UKH team have just returned from the final OutDoor show at Friedrichshafen. We saw hundreds of innovative,...

Boreal Dharma Men's and Women's Performance Shoes

Boreal Dharma has been developed in conjunction with our world climbing team to excel on the hardest and...

New Boreal Satori Performance Shoes

The new Boreal Satori was developed with our worldwide climbing team to create the ultimate bouldering shoe.

OutDoor 2017 - Mountain Clothing and Footwear

The UKC team recently returned from the annual gear-fest in Friedrichshafen that is OutDoor. Here are some...


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WINNERWin a pair of the brand new Boreal Ninja!

Competition WINNERWin a pair of the brand new Boreal Ninja!

The classic Ninja slipper was the original high performance slip lasted shoe. New for 2019, the Ninja has been radically updated: the ultimate performance slipper.

Competition WINNERWin a pair of Boreal Satori

This is your chance to win a pair of the brand new Boreal Satori rock shoes, featuring the ultra sticky Zenith Ultra rubber.

Competition WINNERSWin a pair of Boreal Diabolo rock shoes!

We're giving you the chance to win a pair of Diabolo rock shoes. Diabolo is the most popular shoe in our performance collection. Offering a precise, low profile last with a close fitting heel and mild downturn, Diabolo is ideal for climbers wanting to...

Competition WINNERSWin a pair of Boreal Flyer Vent shoes

New for 2017, the Flyers Vent is a very lightweight technical approach shoe with a cool and highly breathable synthetic...

Competition WINNERSWin a pair of brand new Joker rock shoes!

To celebrate the launch of the updated Joker rock shoe, Boreal are giving away a pair of men's and women's Jokers.

Interview Nick Bullock on Tea & Tribulations in Tibet

'He failed to make me a cup of tea in the morning, ever!'As reported earlier this week, British climbers Nick Bullock...

Competition WINNERWin a Pair of Boreal Sendai Approach Shoes

Our new and improved Sendai is a tough and multi-purpose approach shoe which is comfortable and stylish enough to use...

Competition WINNERWin a pair of Boreal Mutants

Winner Win a Pair of Boreal Lynx and Moon Clothing

Winner Win a Pair of Boreal Climbing Shoes

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