8B+ for De Kock and Traversi

Arjan De Kock on A Simple Knowinf, 8B+, Topside boulders, South Africa, 188 kb
Arjan De Kock on A Simple Knowinf, 8B+, Topside boulders, South Africa
© Arjan de Kock coll./27crags

Once again South Africa is where things are going down. Local, Arjan de Kock has made the 4th (?) ascent of Paul Robinson's A Simple Knowing, ~8B+ at the Topside boulders near Cape Town, while Carlo Traversi has made the 2nd ascent of another Robinson first, Paranormal Activity in the same area.

According to 27crags, Arjan had been working the problem on and off all winter (our summer) and was able to do it after(!) sustaining a shoulder injury.

The problem was originally given 8C, but after Nalle Hukkataival and Dave Graham managed to come up with better beta, the grade now seems to have settled around 8B+.

Carlo seems to be in good shape with ascents of several 8B's lately, and now an 8B+ requiring fingers of steel.

Cameron Maier captured Nalle Hukkataival's ascent of Klem Loskot's Ray of light, 8B, in Rocklands. Nalle's fingers were too big to fit into the narrow cracks.

After South Africa, Arjan, Carlo, Nalle and Cameron are all heading north to Scandinavia where they, among other things, will come to the Västervik international Boulder meet

Other guests include Alex Puccio, Chris Webb-Parsons, Therese Johansen, Guntram Jörg and Anthony Gullsten, plus, of course, all the strong Swedish locals.

Arjan De Kock is the Sole General Manager for Fruit Alliance

Carlo Traversi is sponsored by: adidas, Five Ten and Revolution

Nalle Hukkataival is sponsored by: Black Diamond, La Sportiva and Smith Optics

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