Scottish Youth Climbing Championships Coming Up

Scottish Youth Climbing CHampionship 2012, 92 kb
With little over two weeks to go until the Scottish Youth Climbing Championship, it might be time to download your entry form now.

We asked Kevin Howett from the Mountaineering Council of Scotland ( MCofS) to tell us why this competition is a little different.

Kevin gave us the following five point:

5 Main Points that make this different:

  1. -          This is now an OPEN competition for any child across the UK and Ireland (or abroad)
  2. -          The championship follows IFSC rules now to bring us in-line internationally
  3. -          There are two championships in one – lead and speed
  4. -          Younger kids top-rope, older kids lead in the Lead cat.
  5. -          We wish to encourage children to take up speed climbing and so the Speed comp for younger kids will be held on a specially set speed route that suits their size. This means they can start speed climbing at an earlier age without getting demoralised – who knows they may be the speed champs of the future. The older kids compete on the international standard speed wall as usual.

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