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Romain Desgranges
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Romain Desgranges, from France's Alpine capital, Chamonix, has started working on what he calls a "Climbing life opus", where the idea is to through videos show the life of a climber.

Romain says it's a web series with many opuses, and that the first one is coming soon, meaning 15 days or so, which should mean mid. September.

The first part, for some reason called #0, will be about training.

Romain Desgranges is perhaps best known as a competition climber, where he competes mostly in Lead and is currently ranked #5 in the world.

Outdoors, however, he has focused more on bouldering with several 8B's and 8B+'s to his name. A few years ago, and after three years of work, he made the first ascent of Kaiser Sauzé, near his home in Chamonix, for which he suggested 8C/+. Shortly after the FA he found it destroyed by unknown vandals...

Here is the video teaser:

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