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Half Ropes for UK Trad

Over the last few months the UKC Test Team have been putting six pairs of half ropes through their paces. Though they're all good, we came to an easy consensus on our favourites.

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These are reviews from the UKC editorial team

Beal Cobra II Half Rope

The Beal Cobra is an all round rope that can be used for trad, winter and alpine. These mid-weight ropes are ideal for anyone who wants just one pair for a bit of everything, says Martin McKenna

Mid-Sized Bouldering Mats

Bouldering mats have come a long way since the beer towel. Not only do modern pads give a better landing, they are also bigger, easier to carry and boast useful extra features. This test highlights the range of options currently available.

Beal Be Free Rubber Quickdraws

If you hear the name Beal you'll probably think ropes, but the brand has a range of hardwear too. The new Be Free Rubber is a sport climbing draw with a rubber cover over the sling, designed for easier grabbing.

Mid-range Sport Ropes

We compare eight of the best all-round sport climbing ropes, the sort of reliable workhorse that many will use as their sole rope both...

Beal Booster III 9.7mm Unicore Single Rope

The Booster is part of Beal's Intensive line - a series aimed at high performance climbers, while offering added...

Lightweight Sport Climbing Ropes

The UKC team take a look at 6 lightweight ropes for sport climbing and trad climbing varying in diameter from 8.9mm to 9.4mm.

Rope Bags for the Winter

Alan James, Mick Ryan and Chris Craggs review an essential part of the modern climber's gear: rope bags. "The rope bag...

Latest News

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Beal OPERA 8.5mm UNICORE - Triple rated rope

Weighing in at only 48g per metre, the Opera 8.5 is the first sub 50g rope and is the lightest and thinest single rope on the market that is also rated as a double and twin rope.

Beal BE QUICK karabiner

The Beal BE QUICK karabiner is particularly suited for frequent use as it is quick and easy to lock and unlock. It is very effective during repetitions of manouvres on anchors.

OutDoor 2018 - Climbing Equipment Roundup

The UKC/UKH team have just returned from the final OutDoor show at Friedrichshafen. We saw hundreds of innovative, colourful and exciting new products and here you can see some of the best products in the climbing equipment category that we saw:

OutDoor 2018 - Our Top 10 Products

We're just back from the annual gear fest that is the OutDoor show in Friedrichshafen. From the thousands of products on...


After having been the first thin rope on the market to meet the requirements for all three standards for dynamic ropes, Beal JOKER...

Beal GHOST sit harness

New for 2018 is the Beal GHOST sit harness. Ultra-lightweight and comfortable harness for expert climbing and mountaineering. It...

Beal ESCAPER detachable abseil system

The Beal ESCAPER detachable abseil system allows abseiling when only a single length of rope is available.


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WINNERWin a Beal SHADOW SOFT fully adjustable harness

Beal are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a SHADOW SOFT fully adjustable harness.


Competition WINNERWin a Beal GHOST Sit Harness

Beal are giving you the chance to win a Beal GHOST sit harness.


Competition WINNERWin a Beal ESCAPER detachable abseil system

Beal are giving you the chance to win a Beal ESCAPER detachable abseil system.


Competition WINNERWin a pair of Beal COBRA II 8.6mm Mountain Line climbing ropes

Beal are giving you the chance to win a pair of Beal COBRA II 8.6mm Mountain Line climbing ropes.

Meeting Alex LugerOne of Austria's Top All Round Climbers

"Every so often you meet someone in climbing that makes you take a step back. Someone with a fire in their...


Winner Win Your Choice of Beal Ropes

In this competition you can win your choice of 2 half ropes or your choice of a single rope from Beal's available UK range in 50m length....

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