VIDEO: David Jones 2nd ascent of Dandelion Mind, 8B+

David Jones has made the second ascent of Dan Varian's Dandelion Mind, at Badger Cove, a small and steep limestone crag in the Peak district.

I thought I would report my potentially newsworthy ascent of Dan Varian's Dandelion Mind (it's not everyday a V14 gets climbed in the peak?!). Dan put up a great line with this one and thankfully he lent me his custom made kneebar pad, a cut up Anasazi, which brings the climb into the realms of possibility.

Dan made the first ascent last year after having "...been secretly hammering the project into submission (metaphorically not literally) for the last 2 months..ish. I've gone from finding the crag, to noticing a possible line, to holding the positions, to doing the moves, to doing the problem..."

It would seem David's ascent was considerably quicker, and that he hadn't actually been on the problem for quite some time prior to the day of the ascent (4ft high nettles don't appear over night). Quite possibly knowing the beta and custom made equipment (the cut up Anasazi) could have something to do with it.

According to his profile, 25 year old David stands 6'6 (198 cm) tall and weighs in around 190 pounds (86 kg). I somewhat doubt that...

David Jones is sponsored by: Five Ten and Momentum Bouldering

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