VIDEO: Hyknusa trailer

The other day we got an email from caroline Ciavaldini, who told us about her and James Pearson's new short movie about their trip to Hyknusa also known as Sardinia.

Caroline: As you may remember, we went a few months ago for a multi-pitch trip in Sardinia, realising Amico Fragile, Mezziogiorno, and Aria, three multi-pitches in 8b max, respectively bolted by Marco Vago, Rolando Larcher and co, and Pietro Dal Pra.
James even had the luxury to onsight/flash Mezziogiono!

How far must you travel to find adventure? The answer may be closer than you think. Discover a wild, untouched paradise, in the middle of the Med - Hyknusa.

Here is the trailer of Hyknusa, by the Italian movie maker Pietro Porro, presented by The North Face and Edelrid

The 25 min long movie will be soon available.

James Pearson is sponsored by Wild Country , La Sportiva , The North Face , Adidas Eyewear

Caroline Ciavaldini has several sponsors including: La Sportiva , Edelrid , The North Face , Adidas Eyewear

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