UKC News Coverage Gets a Revamp

We have made a few changes to the UKC News page which should make it easier to follow everything that is going on. New look for news page, 65 kb

Since June 2010 Björn Pohl has been editing out LowDown international sport climbing and bouldering news page which was a separate page to the main UKC News page. We have now joined these two pages together into one single news page so you no longer need to look on two different pages to get all the news. At the same time we have also changed the style of the headers across the site to make the dates clearer.

The LowDown page also used to be home to the popular 'Top Ascents' page where significant hard ascents from the last few months were listed. This has now moved to a more logical location in amongst the Logbook pages. You can access it either via the top menu bar, or on the Logbook pages itself.

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