2 x 8B+ Carlo Traversi

Carlo Traversi on New base Line, 8B+, Magic Wood, Switzerland, 184 kb
Carlo Traversi on New base Line, 8B+, Magic Wood, Switzerland
© Mary Mecklenburg

Waiting for the really good conditions to arrive, Carlo Traversi has still managed to pull off a couple of impressive repeats in the 8B+ range.

After his visit to Västervik, Carlo headed south to Germany and Heidelberg, where he tried Pascal Schouwink's Mensch und Maschine, 8B/+, at Riesenstein, before continuing to Switzerland and Magic wood.

The weather wasn't ideal, but he did a couple of problems in the 8A to 8A+ range (though most people would no doubt consider Dark Sakai in the Darkness cave to be 8B).

The Darkness cave is also home to Daniel Woods' Remembrance of things past, 8B+, which Carlo managed to repeat a couple of days later and found hard for the grade. Now he wants to do another Woods' first, In search of time lost which adds an 8A/+ start to Remembrance... bumping the over all grade up to 8C.

In fact, Carlo fell off on the last move before the topout on his first try from the start, so a repeat shouldn't be too distant, but as he puts it himself "the topout was really wet yesterday, so it's probably a good thing that I didn't make it there".

Before that, he finished off some unfinished business in the form of Bernd Zangerl's classic New Base Line, 8B+, a little further up in the wood.

Carlo Traversi is sponsored by: adidas, Five Ten and Revolution

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