3 x 8A by Fredrik Serlachius, 14

Fredrik Serlachius on Fysiologi, 8A, Fruberget, Västervik, Sweden, 144 kb
Fredrik Serlachius on Fysiologi, 8A, Fruberget, Västervik, Sweden
© Björn Pohl

14 year old Fredrik Serlachius has had a decent weekend among the pebbles around Västervik, Sweden, climbing his first, second and third 8A's.

The first stop of the 36h trip was Björnblocket, home to the famous Hourglass, 8B, heralded as one of the best problems of that grade in the entire world. The problem Fredrik did, The Office sds, 8A, is its right hand neighbour and after having done the stand up version (7B+) and finding the right beta it was only a matter of executing.

On the following day at Fruberget, Fredrik made quick work of Fysiologi, 8A, and even quicker work of Carlo Traversi's long and pumpy Torch and Trav, 8A, which he did on his first try after checking the moves. In total, I don't think it took him more than 15-20 minutes.

His hardest problem before this trip was a 7C, but he has been training hard since then.

Fredrik Serlachius is sponsored by: La Sportiva, Houdini, Petzl and Klättercentret

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