Aleksandra Taistra about Cosi Fan Tutte, 8c+

Aleksandra Taistra on Cosi Fan Tutte, 8c+, Rodellar, 140 kb
Aleksandra Taistra on Cosi Fan Tutte, 8c+, Rodellar
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Last week, Poland's best female climber, Aleksandra 'Ola' Taistra, repeated Cosi Fan Tutte, 8c+, in the Piscineta sector at Rodellar, her hardest route to date.

Aleksandra has been climbing for 11 years. Amongst her biggest achievements are 4x 8c RPs, 9x 8b+'s and routes up to 8a+ OS, but without a doubt the most important was the sending of the stunning Cosi Fan Tutte 8c+.

"My first attempts in the Piscineta sector took place 4 years ago, when at that time I did all it had in store in the range up to 8b+, but also many other routes in Rodellar itself.

In the meantime I always believed I would succeed and I kept trying Cosi, whose originator, Serge Casteran continuously kept convincing me "You can do it!". This holiday turned out to be very lucky and finally, being in top form, I completed my summer project. I am very happy to have managed to conquer the route because it had been tough on me not only physically but most of all mentally- everyone who has climbed at Piscineta knows what leading their „top levels" tastes like in a place like that.

Cosi Fan Tutte has been changing over the years and evolved to 8c+. There have been breaks not only in the crux itself (which has become much more difficult) but also the whole route. Year by year the patrons of Piscineta observe the subsidence. Cosi is 55 metres of tough climbing with a clear crux after L1 (beautiful 8a+), a more difficult section a few clips further up, and then the mental finish, which managed to throw off many experienced climbers. I don't think I have to mention how splendidly located it is, without a doubt it is the most charming climbing spot I have seen, Piscineta itself is the best sector in Rodellar!"

Aleksandra Taistra is sponsored by: La Sportiva, Auto Idea Mercedes-Benz, Olimp, Salewa, Action club, Grandessa and Sztuka Zywienia

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