VIDEO: Carlo Traversi in Sweden

Last month, after spending time in South Africa, Carlo Traversi finished off his trip by visiting continental Europe and Scandinavia.

After competing in The Battle bouldering invitational in Lillehammer, Norway (not to be confused with The Tierra Boulder which is an annual bouldering invitational in Stockholm), Carlo went to the World Champs in Paris and, finally, to the Västervik Boulder meet.

The video features two of Västervik's and Stefan Rasmussen's finest, The Hourglass, 8B, and David & Goliat low, 8A+.
Carlo says these were his two favorite boulders from the trip. One of the problems [The Hourglass] is high on the list for best V13's [8B] in the world.

Personally I can't help wondering how much Carlo had to pay for bringing all that luggage on a Ryanair flight...

Carlo Traversi is sponsored by: adidas, Five Ten and Revolution

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