FRI NIGHT VID: Mammut Peak Project: Trango Tower

On July 30, at 4 pm local time, the Mammut pro, David Lama, stood together with Peter Ortner and Corey Rich on the summit of the 6,251m Nameless Tower in Pakistan, also known as Trango Tower. But they were not alone. A remote-controlled drone was circling the summit, documenting the climb for the Mammut 150 Peaks Project.

David Lama Interview - We have an interview planned with David Lama which we would like readers to submit questions for - Please check this thread.

The video below is a trailer for the film 'A New Perspective' by Corey Rich and part of the Mammut Peak Project. A special edition of this film is being shown as part of the European Outdoor Film Tour (more info).

More About the Drone Used In This Film

There were three members in the rope team on the imposing face of Trango Tower, but a fourth pair of eyes was following and watched their every move. Remo Masina from the Swiss company, Dedicam, controlled a backpack-sized drone, supported by four propellers, from the base of the face. Events on the rock were documented up close using a mounted camera. This resulted in breathtaking moving pictures and action camera flights which had never been produced before in this area and at these heights.

The extra video below shows some of the footage from this drone.

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