VIDEO: Namibia

Guntram Jörg on Mooiste Meisie, 8B/+, 200 kb
Guntram Jörg on Mooiste Meisie, 8B/+

In this video we get to tag a long a bunch of strong boulderers in southern Africa.

Featuring Guntram Jörg, Arjan De Kock, Daniel Woods, Dave Graham, Martina Scheichl and Antoine Vandeputte climbing a few routes and many boulders in Namibia and South Africa.

On his blog, Guntram says that: The last years I have been travelling a lot around Europe and I have seen really amazing places but Namibia topped them all easily. I never was in such a peaceful silent area where I even got so relaxed that i forgot about going climbing!

Judging from the video, he didn't forget it entirely.

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