FRI NIGHT VIDEO: No Strings Attached - Solo in SA

Something slightly different this week - hard solo climbing from South Africa. This film focusses on Matt Bush, a 28 year old climber who has been climbing for the last 10 years. Matt's speciality is soloing hard technical sport routes. We asked Matt a few questions.

What is your inspiration for climbing?

Matt: finding something to climb that is beautiful and challenging, a big part of my motivation comes from being in majestic places and feeling a sense of freedom in nature. I learn about myself and nature and what is significant in my life. Toping out on a line brings a new challenge and there is no end to the challenges. This can be overwhelming but its humbling and exciting at the same time because I'll never be accomplished. There is always a line to show me how much I can learn. This is a big motivation for me.

What are your future climbing goals?

Matt: I am mostly interested in big wall free solo climbing although most of my soloing has been techy single pitch routes. I recently onsight soloed some mutipitch routes. I'm learning alot about how I react in exposed situations and how to be chilled when unexpected situations arise. Im currently bouldering alot and opening many boulders in Cape Town. Bouldering is perfect physical training for bigger lines which are more mentally demanding.

What motivated the "no strings attached" short film?

Matt: The film was a love project done by a group of close friends who have a passion for nature and the work they do. The main idea behind the film as the film writer was to capture some of the magical moments of climbing with no strings attached. The film won a local competition and I'm stoked considering it was a zero budget production.

Thanks to Matt and Amy Daneel from memakefilm.

Matt Bush is sponsored by Evolv and BlueWater Ropes.

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