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Chasing Winter
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21 January PRAK media and Born Denali, i.e. Paul Robinson and Carlo Traversi, release Chasing winter

Paul, Carlo, Ashima Shiraishi and others goes hunting for new lines and optimal conditions in southern Africa.

When summer hits the northern hemisphere and the rays of sunshine intensify, as climbers, we begin to wonder what options we have in our endless pursuit of optimal conditions for hard ascents. If only we could forever enjoy the cold, dry conditions of winter, year round. Well, lucky for us we can...

As usual the film features a long list of very hard problems, including several 8B's and 8B+'s, some of which are first ascents.

Personally, I don't know about the title. Winter to me means lots of snow and several degrees below zero, and I suspect that's not really what they are after. Shorts, t-shirts and surfing guys... I think the word you're looking for might be "summer"?

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