Fri Night Vid: 'When' by James Dunn

This week's excellent Friday Nighter is from James Dunn. You might recognise his name from the excellent videos and photos of Scotland and Scottish winter climbing that have been popping up for the last few years.

This film by James has been entered in the Fort William Film Festival competition. If you like the film, why not check out the other entries and vote for this or your favourite?

The film, which features mountain biking, running and climbing is a look at 'When' people with full time jobs fit in their passions. The climber is Eddie Barbour and we loved his philosophy on life - girls, eating and getting ill! Excellent!

More info on the climbing from James Dunn:

"Eddie flashed Air on a G-string (7c), Crescendo (8a+), and flashed Dangleberries to the first lower-off (7c+) but fell off on the penultimate moves of the (8a+) extension. It was pretty rad watching him crush all these in a day by the sea-side outside Aberdeen; who said bolt-clipping in Scotland can't be good, it was even sunny!"

VIDEO: When - by James Dunn

And here is James' full introduction to the film:

'When' hopes to illustrate how three average athletes find time in their already full schedules to train for, and participate in, mountain biking, running and rock climbing. What they have to sacrifice, what conflicts arise and how they manage them, how they balance different commitments and when they find time to do it all.

Inspired by Corey Rich's "WHY" a short film documenting the motivation and drive of three top level athletes in kayaking, climbing, and mountain biking who push the boundaries of the sport whilst remaining inspirational, down to earth and becoming true role models, 'When' explores the other side of the coin.

I wanted to document 'when' three people with extensive job and family commitments find the time to put significant time and effort into a sport; balancing training, with getting out and enjoying the sport itself, and with work/family/other commitments. Finding out what they sacrifice and when they find time to fit a training schedule into an already full life/work schedule. Truly every-day role models.

I wanted to take the 'other side of the coin' idea further. Whilst WHY documented the extradordinary capabilities of the incredible Nikon D4, 'When' was filmed entirely on Nikon's ultra-capable entry level DSLR models (a D3200 and a D5100) and hopefully showcases some of the awesome features that Nikon have installed on their entry-level models; these are incredible pieces of kit for the price -- heavily loaded with features, resilient, tough, light, versatile, inspiring and, of course, producing the highest standards of image quality. In the spirit of how WHY was produced, When was also shot on a tight schedule of 3 days - in three different locations in Scotland: from the Tweed Valley in the Scottish Borders, to the Pentlands of Edinburgh, to the sea-cliffs outside Aberdeen on the north-east coast.

It was a fantastic experience completing such a project solo, and I must sincerely thank Sean, Pauline and Eddie for their unrelenting enthusiasm during filming. I must also thank Corey Rich for the original inspiration, and for the, now multiple, hours of procrastination whilst enjoying WHY.

Filming, directing, editing, production and logistics by James Dunn.

Please visit for more info or for any questions.

I hope you enjoy, and hope you get inspired to create some more time in your schedule to get out and make the most of life!

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