Huge Fire Hits Rocklands - South Africa

Reported on is a huge wildfire that has spread across the Cederberg area destroying houses, killing a farmer and devastating vegetation and wild life.

The Rocklands , 214 kb
The Rocklands
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The report by JP Du Plessis says:

"Over the course of the next eight days the fire spread slowly and eventually made its way past Heuningvlei, into the Rocklands area.  The fire swept through the climbing zone, where it is still burning in places, devastating vegetation throughout the reserve."

The news was later updated with:

"The fire is mostly out, but Rocklands is among the 500 square-km of land that's been burnt clean. The horizon is clear of smoke and we are now able to start tallying the damage in detail...

...As for the fate of Rocklands: that depends entirely on Cape Nature. They have shut down some areas because of "extreme eco-sensitivity" in the aftermath of some of the fires, I have yet to get word on what will happen with the climbing zone."

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