VIDEO: Jernej Kruder climbs The Story of two worlds, 8C

Jernej Kruder, 92 kb
Jernej Kruder
© Jernej Kruder

Earlier this year, Slovenian Jernej Kruder made the 4th ascent of Dave Graham's The story of two worlds, ~8C, at Cresciano, Switzerland. Now there's a video.

The problem, which now has three different starts, has previously been repeated by Dai Koyamada* and Paul Robinson.**

*Dai Koyamada first made what turned out to be a legit repeat, and then, because of a misunderstanding regarding the starting position, went back twice before he succeeded in making a lower start.

**Paul Robinson, due to the same misunderstanding, started two moves lower than the original, something that caused him considerable difficulties.

Jernej Kruder is sponsored by: Scarpa

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