UPDATE: Kruder climbs The story of two worlds, 8C

Jernej Kruder, from Slovenia, has repeated Dave Graham's The story of two worlds, 8C, at Cresciano, Switzerland.

Jernej Kruder, 92 kb
Jernej Kruder
© Jernej Kruder

Kruder's ascent was the 4th, after Graham, Koyamada and Robinson, and came relatively quick after his repeat of The Dagger, 8B+, just before Christmas. To do The story..., you climb a very hard (~8B) sit start straight into The Dagger.

What would you say made this possible as it must surely be the hardest thing you have ever climbed?
Yes, probably it really is the hardest thing I've ever climbed, but I must say, that I've never taken time to work on such a thing. So, I took time for this thing because I saw it was possible, especially as I did The Dagger quite easily.
I really liked that climb because there were actually no extra small crimps (which is not my specialty actually).

It seems the ascent was relatively quick compared to Graham's, Koyamada's and Robinson's. How much had you worked the thing?
I fell from the last move already on the third day on it, so I knew it would happen. I only needed higher tamperatures, because a always got cold fingers when I got to the last move.

So, luckily, the temperature rose and I managed to send the thing. Hehe, and I must say, I'm very happy that my name is on the list of one of the hardest boulders in the world :)

Thanks Jernej, and good luck in the future!

Jernej Kruder is sponsored by: Scarpa

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