Terremer, 8C, by Dan Beall

Paul Robinson on Terremer, 8C, Hueco Tanks, Texas
© Robinson coll.

Dan Beall has made the 4th ascent of Fred Nicole's Terremer, ~8C, at Hueco Tanks, Texas.

Fred created Terremer by connecting Diaphanous Sea, ~8A, and Terre De Sienne, ~8B+, both of which were also put up by him, back in 2005.
It has seen two repeats, by Paul Robinson in 2008, and by Daniel Woods in 2010.

According to DPM:

Dan considers the problem solid for the V15 [8C] grade based on his repeats of numerous V14's [8B+] like Jade in RMNP, Colorado; Direct North in Bishop, California, and his first ascent of Misdirection, also in Bishop

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