UKC Forum Users Produce Climbing Book

The Bumper Book of Climbing Fun, 71 kb
UKC article contributor Full Stottie (aka Dave Hume) and Mike Blood have produced The Bumper Book of Climbing Fun, which is available as an Ebook, and in paperback.

They sent the Ebook version to UKC, and we had a read and a laugh. It's basically a collection of lighthearted stories, poems and quips based around climbing.

The book, whilst seemingly never serious, is sharp, witty and really hits the nail on the head when it comes to characterising hapless British climbers out at the crag. Yes we probably really do make those mistakes!

Interestingly the book contains extended versions of several articles previously published on UKC, so if you like the style of these pieces - you'll probably enjoy the book.

The book also contains a section titled How It All Began where Dave and Mike explain that they started their climbing and writing partnership after both entering the hugely popular DMM 'My First Outdoor Lead' competition back in 2007.

All in all - a fun book, humorous and witty, and worth putting next to the loo (and not just in case you run out of toilet paper!).

Well done on getting this together guys!

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